NuTone ULTRA PRO™ Series Ventilation Fans and Fan/Lights

The preferred install choice for professionals to deliver quiet performance

The fastest, easiest, most universal installation saves time and increases profitability

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ULTRAQuick™ Installation Technology

The ULTRA PRO™ fan can be installed in minutes with no attic access, most notably because of its unique telescoping mounting frame, which can collapse together to fit through drywall openings and then expand once above the ceiling.

  • Fast in retrofits—no attic access required
  • Fast in new construction
  • Works in any type of joist or truss system
  • Ideal for remodeling/upgrade applications
  • Includes easy-to-insert snap-in housings (no screws required) and a snap-in blower

Advanced Sound Technology

The ULTRA PRO™ Fan is recognized for its exceptionally quiet operation as low as 0.3 sones. This is accomplished through innovative new, patent-pending sound technologies.

  • QStream™ Technology
    • State-of-the-art blower design with airflow-smoothing baffles optimally smoothes airflow and reduce turbulence so the wheel can turn more slowly and quietly with no airflow loss.
  • QFlow™ Technology
    • Duct connector damper flap is completely removed from airstream to reduce static pressure again, allowing the blower to turn more slowly and quietly
    • Damper also seals against perimeter surfaces when closed to prevent backdrafts

ULTRALucent™ Lighting Technology

This ENERGY STAR® qualified technology allows for better illumination in rooms and uses less energy.

  • Uses just 36 watts to deliver the same lumen brightness as previous models that required 60 watts of compact fluorescent light (CFL) output
  • The outstanding lens diffusion means no hotspots


In this video, learn more about how the ULTRA PRO™ Series Ventilation Fan is the fastest, easiest and most universal installation without having to go into the attic.

In this video, learn more about how the ULTRA™ Series Ventilation Fan/Light provides better, brighter and more efficient lighting.


NuTone Ultra Pro Spec Chart