RDM2Radiation Damper for Flex and Flex DC Series Bathroom Exhaust Fans and Fans with Lights

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  • Radiation damper for use with Broan Flex and Flex DC bathroom ventilation fans and fans with lights (sold separately).

    • For use in 1, 2 and 3 hour rated floor-ceiling and roof-ceiling constructions
    • Galvanized steel frame
    • High temperature, non-asbestos, reinforced fiber thermal fabric
    • Stainless steel closure springs
    • 165°F fusible link
    • Separate outer frame allows complete fan and damper serviceability without disturbing the surrounding ceiling material
    • Includes light jumper cable
    • Meets or exceeds NFPA-90A
    • UL Classified (UL-555C)

    RDM2 for use with these Flex and Flex DC Series Fan and Fan/Light models:

    Broan A110-B, A80-B, A80HD-B, AE110-B, AE110L-C, AE50-B, AE80B-B, AE80BL-D, AE80S-B, AE80SL-C, AE110S-B, AE110SL-C, A110F1, A80F1, AE100BF1, AE110F1, AE50F1, AE80BF1, AE80BLF1, AE50110DC, AE50110DCL, AE50110DCS, AE50110DCSL, AE50110DCF, AE50110DCLF, A000HFNF, A000HFKT, A000HSNF, A000HSKT, A000HLNF, A000HLKT

    NuTone AEN110-B, AEN110L-C, AEN50-B, AEN80B-B, AEN80BL-D, AN110-B, AN80C-B, AEN110F1, AEN80BF1, AN000HFNF, AN000HFKT, AN000HSNF, AN000HSKT, AN000HLNF, AN000HLKT