The laundry room doesn’t have to smell like laundry.

Laundry rooms are often home to many unpleasant smells coming from sources such as dirty clothes, bleach and strong detergents. If not appropriately removed, these odors can move into other parts of the home. A strategically placed ventilation fan can easily solve the problem, so dining and entertaining needn’t compete with unwanted smells.

Common Challenges

NuTone Solutions

You don’t need to be overwhelmed with the smell of dirty laundry or cleaning solutions every time you walk into your laundry/utility room.

NuTone offers many solutions to remove unwanted odors from your laundry/utility room. Make the smell of dirty laundry as well as detergents, bleaches and other cleaning agents stored here disappear with a ventilation fan that is powerful enough to do the job while still very quiet. Ceiling or wall mount, fan or fan/light, contemporary or traditional, NuTone has the answer.