The fine details are exactly what make up the complete picture for your kitchen.

Aside from the basics–adequate ventilation, filtration and lighting, there are other important things to consider when selecting a range hood. If there is a particular issue with an old model that needs to be addressed, or an entirely new design concept, then paying attention to all the features is key to ensuring the best possible outcome.

NuTone Solutions

When ducting to the outside is not an option, recirculation is the answer.

At NuTone, we always recommend ducting to the outdoors, as it is the best option. There are certain circumstances, however, in which a non-duct recirculation hood is the proper alternate solution, due to an inability to duct to the outside. A recirculation hood provides grease and odor elimination while removing smoke from the cooking area. Additionally, it protects cabinets from heat and moisture, and provides quality essential task lighting. With many styles and models that offer adaptability to non-duct recirculation, NuTone has a solution for any residential need.