The fine details are exactly what make up the complete picture for your kitchen.

Aside from the basics–adequate ventilation, filtration and lighting, there are other important things to consider when selecting a range hood. If there is a particular issue with an old model that needs to be addressed, or an entirely new design concept, then paying attention to all the features is key to ensuring the best possible outcome.

NuTone Solutions

Amazing, the difference proper lighting can make in your kitchen.

Some of us are seriously challenged when faced with having to work under poorly lit conditions. NuTone’s range hoods that feature bright lighting make working in the kitchen a pleasure again. Simply put, cooking is much more fun when seeing clearly isn’t an issue. NuTone has incorporated bright, efficient halogen lighting into many models because it is the benchmark in illumination–and so provides the highest quality of light. Choose from models that have up to two lamps and two or more light level settings.