Your creativity and style will help you define the design of your kitchen.

Perhaps the greatest rule of design to remember is that “Form follows function,” originally stated by architect Louis Sullivan. That said, knowing what you want to achieve and how you want to go about it are good places to start when it comes to making decisions for your kitchen. NuTone can help you choose the right kitchen ventilation system to suit your personal cooking style as well as your personal taste.

NuTone Solutions

For the cook who loves to entertain and occasionally likes to go all out.

You thoroughly enjoy entertaining and cooking for your friends, and on those occasions you love to push the culinary envelope. But certain steps in the cooking process require more CFM to alleviate excess smoke. For the home cook who likes the option of being able to take things to the next level, NuTone offers range hoods that provide a stunning focal point and can accommodate intense cooking sessions when needed.