Your creativity and style will help you define the design of your kitchen.

Perhaps the greatest rule of design to remember is that “Form follows function,” originally stated by architect Louis Sullivan. That said, knowing what you want to achieve and how you want to go about it are good places to start when it comes to making decisions for your kitchen. NuTone can help you choose the right kitchen ventilation system to suit your personal cooking style as well as your personal taste.

NuTone Solutions

For the cook who likes to keep things simple without sacrificing taste or quality.

The hood you select should simply match your needs. If you prefer something basic without having to sacrifice quality, NuTone can help. You will likely be pleased with a range that has 4 or 5 regular burners, and is no wider than 36”. The standard rule for selecting the right CFM, whether you are a using gas or electric appliance, is 100 CFM for every 12” of width. As an example, 30” would call for 250 CFM. There are many models to choose from to meet your desired style and application needs.