Choosing the right range hood is simple, once your key needs have been identified.

Choosing the right range hood can be a daunting task. NuTone has been the leader in kitchen ventilation for over 75 years because of our dedication to setting the highest standards. We’ll guide you in the right direction to suit your needs. Whichever NuTone model you select, you can feel comfortable in knowing that you’ve made a great choice. That’s the NuTone guarantee.

NuTone Solutions

Experience the freedom of operation with a range hood that complies with ADA requirements.

You have a limitation or live with someone who does that has difficulty reaching the hood, but cooking is something you love to do for friends and family. NuTone offers a wide selection of range hood styles with the perfect power and lighting to meet your desires. These hoods work with specific wall controls that can be mounted where you prefer them for convenient accessibility.