Door Chimes.

As the inventor of the door chime and with a tradition of fashion and quality that dates back to 1936, NuTone continually researches and develops innovative new products and is the market leader in new technologies. NuTone is the right choice in door bells, chimes and pushbuttons - from Contemporary to Traditional styles, musical, portable chimes or wireless  -  the choice is yours.

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Wireless Door Chimes

No wires, no problem! NuTone’s wireless chimes install in just minutes, with no wires to run. Choose the perfect chime for various parts of your home such as a wireless doorbell with a strobe light in areas with more noise, like a living room. Because all NuTone wireless doorbells are compatible with one another, adding additional units throughout your home is easy. Easy installation, reliable operation, and great sound.

Models Product Depth (inches) Product Height (inches) Product Width (inches) Compare Customer Rating
LA203WH 1.3125 4.375 3.125 Compare Products
LA204RWH 1.625 4.375 3.125 Compare Products
LA204WH 1.625 4.375 3.125 Compare Products
LA205WH 1 4.25 2.75 Compare Products
LA206WH 2.25 7.625 6 Compare Products
LA522WH 2.75 5.875 4.25 Compare Products
LA532RW 2.75 6.875 9.25 Compare Products
LA533WH 2.75 7.625 6” Compare Products
MCV309NWHGL 1.5 7.625 3.25 Compare Products

College Pride Doorbell Mechanism

Customize your doorbell with the only collegiate licensed doorbell with MP3 customization. Easily make your college fight song, holiday tunes, your favorite song or any other sound your greeting.

Models Product Depth (inches) Product Height (inches) Product Width (inches) Compare Customer Rating
LA600WH 2.25 9.5 6 Compare Products