Home Automation.

Your phone is smart. Your home should be too. Introducing NuTone Smart Home Series products that allow you to automate your home on your terms. Purchase your favorite Home Automation gateway with Z-Wave, connect it to the internet and start adding NuTone Smart Home Series devices to control.

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Smart Lighting Products

Home Automation is as easy as plugging your lamp into our dimmer module. No one has an easier installation solution to control lights from multiple switches. No more fishing wires behind drywall because no traveler wires are required!

Models Type Compare Customer Rating
NFS20Z Smart Lighting Fixture Mounted Control Compare Products
NWD500Z Smart Lighting Wall Dimmer Switch Compare Products
NWS15Z Smart Lighting Wall Switch Compare Products
NWT00Z Smart Lighting 3-Way Wall Dimmer Switch Compare Products
NWTWSKITAL Trim Kit Compare Products
NWDKITAL Trim Kit Compare Products

Smart Garage Door Controller

Wirelessly control and monitor your garage door from anywhere with the safest, most secure Z-Wave Garage Door Controller -- Patent Pending. NuTone Smart Home Series Garage Door Controllers guaranteed to work with any certified Z-Wave gateway that is Secure Barrier Command Class Compatible.

Models Type Range Compare Customer Rating
NGD00Z Smart Garage Door Controller Module Up to 100 feet line of sight Compare Products

Smart Wall Outlets

Home Automation is as easy as plugging your lamp into our dimmer module. All of these devices work together seamlessly - commanded by your smartphone, tablet, a touchscreen or set to work automatically.

Models Type Compare Customer Rating
NWO15Z Smart Wall Outlet Compare Products
NPS15Z Smart Wall Outlets Plug in Appliance Module Compare Products
NPD300Z Smart Wall Outlets Plug in Dimmer Compare Products

Smart Hub Home Controller

NuTone Smart Home Series hubs work with over 1,500 different devices and you can choose up to 200 of your favorite products to connect. Features ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® wireless technology and Z-Wave Technology. Scalable Z-Wave wire-free communication is optimized for full coverage to reduce and eliminate dead spots in even the largest homes.

Models Compare Customer Rating
NHUB200 Compare Products
NHUB100 Compare Products

Smart Thermostat

Manage comfort and energy costs from anywhere with this programmable thermostat that also allows for ‘smart’ communication.

Models Compare Customer Rating
NTBZ48 Compare Products