The Perfect Ventilation

NuTone offers some of the most attractive kitchen ventilating solutions ranging from high performance ducted models, to the most effective non-ducted units ever made. And they’re all built to NuTone's demanding quality standards. So you can count on them to help keep your kitchen fresh and clean for years to come.

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NEW - AHDA1 Family – Osmos 30” & 36” Range Hoods

The natural flow of Osmos™ brings a new style to kitchen ventilation. Bright, LED lighting and three fan speeds makes cooking more enjoyable.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) - Max Compare Customer Rating
AHDA130BL Black 30" 300 Compare Products
AHDA130SS Stainless Steel 30" 300 Compare Products
AHDA130WW White 30" 300 Compare Products

NEW – NPDP1 Family – Ananda 30” Range Hoods

NuTone brings you a bold new shape in a pro-style hood. The combination of high performance blower, deep canopy design and hybrid baffle filtration will satisfy even the most demanding cooks.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) - Max Compare Customer Rating
NPDP130SS Stainless Steel 29-7/8" 400 Compare Products

Allure® I

The new benchmark in style and value. The quietest range hood in its category, with revolutionary performance and the brilliance of halogen lighting. This isn’t anything like your Mom’s range hood; it’s the one she wished for.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
WS130SS Stainless Steel 30" 220 Compare Products
WS130BL Black 30" 220 Compare Products
WS130WW White 30" 220 Compare Products
WS130AA Almond 30" 220 Compare Products
WS130BC Bisque 30" 220 Compare Products
WS136SS Stainless Steel 36" 220 Compare Products
WS136BL Black 36" 220 Compare Products
WS136WW White 36" 220 Compare Products
WS136AA Almond 36" 220 Compare Products
WS136BC Bisque 36" 220 Compare Products
WS142BL Black 42" 220 Compare Products
WS142WW White 42" 220 Compare Products
WS142AA Almond 42" 220 Compare Products

Allure® II

Sets new standard for style, quiet and ease of cleaning. The Allure II provides the style and performance you demand and with DuPont Teflon®, the easy clean-up you want.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
WS230WW White 30" 300 Compare Products
WS236WW White 36" 300 Compare Products

Allure® III

For unparalleled style, quiet, ease of operation and performance. The ultimate Allure model, combines features like three-speed electronic control plus boost-speed mode, delay-off and filter cleaning reminder. For the first time anywhere, you can have the easy cleaning of DuPont Teflon® in a range hood.

Models Color/Finish Product Width (inches) CFM (Airflow) Compare Customer Rating
WS330SS Stainless Steel 30" 430 Compare Products
WS330BL Black 30" 430 Compare Products
WS330WW White 30" 430 Compare Products
WS336SS Stainless Steel 36" 430 Compare Products